Enjoy the wide variety of toys and games. All customers seek variety and there is no doubt about it.

Finding toys that can match your preferences can be a daunting task, but with offering a large variety of toys and games, we have tried to make buying wholesale a lot easier.

cheapest price

Buy toys in bulk at cheap price. Low cost of toy manufacturing in Iran due to cheap raw materials and low labor costs are well known to benefit many small and big companies.

Arman Farda toys company which offers low price wholesale toys, can create an opportunity for many businesses to sell Iranian toys at cheapest prices, stimulate the demand and increase their revenue.


Never wait again. Product delivery is one of the most Important factor in the supply chain and delay in delivery can be really costly for everyone involved in the supply chain. Therefore, we as a part of this chain have been working hard to deliver our customers’ orders as soon as possible to prevent further issues and challenges they might encounter in fulfilling their customers’ demands. 


We are a leading toy manufacturer and supplier in Iran aiming to satisfy toy wholesalers and distributors demands across the world. Our factory was established in 2010. We have utilized and operated advanced equipment and machinery like injection molding machines and assembly machines to make sure every part of the toy production line is up to our desired standards.

the large area of our toy factory has enabled us to mass produce different toys and games and supply large customer demand on time.  

We have partnered with many importers in many countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Kuwait and if you like to sell our toys in your country, please contact us, we are willing to work with you.

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AF Toys factory in Iran

Buy wholesale toys at cheap price

There are thousands of toy manufacturers across the world who are producing millions of toys and games every year and this creates a vast range of options, but which one is the best for you and your business?

As obvious as it is, something that is probably have been a concern of our customers, is prices. Wholesalers, distributors, online toy shops or brick and mortar toy shops who started to work with us, were looking for affordable wholesale prices and that is the main reason that they have chosen us.

we offer affordable and cheap wholesale prices on our toy selection which includes different types of toy gun such as revolver guns, shotguns, pistol guns, kitchen and doctor toy set, different cars and etc.

exporting toys from Iran

Exporting toys to your country from Iran

Toys market is a huge, competitive and profitable market. Therefore, staying ahead of competitors is a must and cannot be neglected. Supplying toys from local sources which offer the same products to everyone, makes it hard. But the right option that comes to the mind is toy export. exporting toys from other countries can help your business to grow and expand by minimizing your costs, But It can also influence economics drastically by providing non-existent products in your country. Introducing new products to your country can pave your path for growth and success and we as a toy manufacturer and supplier want to be a part of it along the way.

Thanks to mutual trust, we are the first toy exporter and supplier who will always be chosen by many importers in countries such as Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Kuwait.  

Find selection of quality toys

Some might believe that buying toys in bulk at low prices means getting low quality goods. But that’s far from the truth.

We understand the importance of quality to our customers and the long term effects it might have on their profitability. That’s why we are committed to providing the best quality plastic toys which meet the industry desired standards and also suits our customers’ and their customers’ needs.

We have utilized modern technology to create toys and games that can make this opportunity for our customers to offer something new, fill the gaps in the toy market and be one step ahead of their competitors.

variety of wholesale toys in Iran

Building a long lasting relationship

Building a long lasting relationship with high levels of trust is not only important for us as a toy supplier, but it also important for buyers.

There are some key factors in maintaining a relationship full of trust such as maintaining a specific product which is high in demand, fulfilling the orders on time and so on. We understand these factors and we have considered them.

we have been working with many toy importers and been able to create a trustworthy relationship with them and we are willing to collaborate with you.  

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How to Order


Requesting for price quotation

In order to place an order, you can ask for an inquiry pricing quotation via 0989135800893, email or by filling the form in the contact us page. After receiving your message, we will send you our product price list. Then you can place an order based on your needs, preferences, prices and the quantities that you need. 



Issuing a proforma invoice

In the second step, after receiving your order, we will issue an invoice to give you precise details about payment and shipment methods, payment process and more.



In the last step, you can place an order based on your needs. then you need to pay for your order. After that, your order will be sent to you as soon as possible.